Located in South Carolina, we are Kristen and Matt Scott of THE 2654 PROJECT and this is our artistic endeavor. 

Our philosophy is simple: be inspired by others, share real life experiences, care deeply for people, find adventure in the ordinary, and create. The 2654 Project is how we blend our creativity through the mediums of photography, music, and carpentry.

Matt is a singer/songwriter; fusing the influences of blues, country, folk and southern rock into a sound that is uniquely his own. Kristen is a portrait, fashion, and lifestyle photographer. Together, our newest art adventure is in carpentry and the restoration of found materials.

You can find us in Bluffton, South Carolina or traveling throughout the Lowcountry, Hilton Head Island, Charleston, Savannah, the hills of Georgia, the mountains of North Carolina, the coasts of Florida, the cities of New England, and anywhere in between here and there. 




We first met at the University of Mobile, a small college in Mobile, AL; when I (Matt) was a sophomore and Kristen a junior. While we both have differing stories as to how/when we actually said our first “hellos” to each other, we still fell in love. We were married on a warm March evening in downtown Mobile, AL and spent our first year of married life in a quaint, white cottage on Ralston Road. The four black numbers on that bright, red door read 2654. It was there that we began creating art together using the mediums of photography and music.

In 2008 we moved to Boston, MA and began to see how essential the practice of art was for our individuality and our marriage. THE 2654 PROJECT became the perfect avenue for us to combine our photography and music with our love for people, our inspiration through culture, and the commitment we have to our faith. In 2011, I received my MDIV from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and Kristen finished training at the New England School of Photography. We moved into an artist loft, a little northwest of the city, and began working on our carpentry skills. (Check out our loft!)

In the summer of 2013, we moved to Hilton Head, SC. We are currently living in Old Town Bluffton and learning the culture of the Lowcountry.

Matt is originally from Birmingham, AL and Kristen is from West Palm Beach, FL.

THIS IS MATT | according to Kristen

Matt has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met. He cares for the hearts and souls of others and does his best to remind them that they are loved. He is one of the only people I know to still treasure the art of a handwritten card and I adore that about him. A southern gentleman to the core, Matt loves college football; rivers and mountains; coffee; documenting everything in journals; old furniture; talking to complete strangers; and does his best to get outside as much as possible.

Matt is a musician. He sings, plays the guitar/banjo/Rhodes/ piano/harmonica, and is inspired to write by all things simple, classic, and lovely. He began collecting old hymnals a couple years ago and continues to be inspired by the writings of old.

Matt is a carpenter. Our home is filled with furniture he has built. My favorite piece of his is our farm table. We have spent many Sunday morning breakfasts here, dinner with friends, and even Thanksgiving meals. He is also the household chef that doesn’t follow a recipe.

THIS IS KRISTEN | according to Matt

I have often described Kristen to others as “somewhere between a daisy and a revolver.” She is a beautiful,  driven, fierce, and passionate woman. And at the same time, she’s delicate, loving, loyal, and remarkably kind. In our life together she has taught me what it means to love—love people, love one’s self, and love what you do.

There are few people in the world I admire more than her. She walked away from a promising career as a family therapist to pursue the world of photography. Her determination to see her dream come to life inspires me every single day.

It’s a remarkable gift to be able to see the world through her eyes. She has a unique ability to capture life’s events and preserve that one moment in a person’s history where time seemed to stand still.

Kristen is my best friend; she’s my wife, my only love, my running partner and the one who taught me how to drink black coffee. She loves poetry, running, simplicity, the ocean, and makes the world’s best chocolate chip cookies.



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