THE 2654 PROJECT is how we blend our creativity through the mediums of photography, music, and carpentry.


I come from a family of builders and craftsmen. My father built our family home with his own two hands and the help of my grandfathers, Grandpa (Edward Scott) and Papaw (Joe Howard Smith). My father (Timothy Joe Scott) is a master builder and an incredible engineer. Both of my uncles are builders as well. I guess you can say that I get it honest. And for me, working with my hands and learning the patient craft of carpentry is my way of honoring my heritage and my heroes. I've enjoyed what I've learned about myself in my quaint, makeshift workshop. The more that I worked with busted up, discarded and imperfect materials, the more I'm learning about myself. I seem to become more and more convinced that beauty can be restored in anyone and anything. 




People often ask me, "Where do you get all of this stuff?" From time to time, local contractors will drop off a handful items at the end of a job. Other times, friends will alert me to something that caught their eye on a stroll through town. And of course, I'm ever-on-the-lookout for discarded items on trash day, on street corners, or in abandoned properties. In recent days, I scouted out a gold mine of black walnut, cherry, heart pine and cypress from my Papaw's basement. It was a picker's dream come true! 

One board at a time, I'm on a mission to reclaim, reuse, and restore as many materials as I can. As I devote a great amount of time and attention to each piece I create, I'm reminded that much of the discarded, imperfect, and seemingly useless parts of my life and being restored each day. 




I'm always working on something new and I have an ever-changing inventory in my workshop. If you see something that peaks your interest or if you're looking for a custom design, email me and we can work together to dream up something unique and personal for you.

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