This series photographed within the theme and mood of: COVENANT.

Covenant: (most commonly known as) an agreement; more specifically an agreement between God and his people. In the Bible there are covenants made between God and Abraham, Moses, and Noah. 

If you've followed along with my work, you know I have more of a photo blog than a written blog. I tried writing excerpts for my posts early on, but the lack of committed time to writing plus the fact that there are way more qualified writers than I keeps this portion of our website a photo narrative. The following series of images can very well speak for itself, but because of this topic and the events of this election week it seemed only appropriate to speak. 

I consider myself to be an educated young woman, a successful small business owner, and (with daily grace) a Christ follower who voted for a candidate I felt spiritually and personally led to vote for. Yes, I am one of the ones that cried in disbelief and shock at the results of the election. The two days following Election Day were weird for me. I don't usually get all American-citizen-vote-because-it's-your-right during political movements, but this one had me watching debates, researching the candidates, and praying. Post-election, I saw people I respected taking to social media to share harsh opinions, gloating over their win for the White House, and shaming others who voted differently. Perhaps this happens every election, but this one hit personally for me and I will not soon forget the words spoken, the people who spoke them, and the events of this election week. 

I feel shaken, but not moved. For, I take peace in the Lord; He is my refuge. I live in a world full of sinners (myself the worst), disconnected from truth. There is no man or woman, president or queen, other than Jesus, who can bring peace to this nation and world. Instead, I will rest in the Lord's covenant with me. 

In Genesis chapters 5 - 9 (yes, way before us and all the rulers of this world and all the presidents of our country), is the biblical narrative of Noah and the flood. This story is incredible! I believe that in the beginning of all time there was God. God created earth, man, and animals and they were all perfect. Sin entered Eden and man fell. God now saw this earth and everything in it as wicked and evil. He finds favor in one man, Noah, chooses to preserve him, has him gather his family, all the beasts of the fields and air, build a boat, and saves them from a flood He sends to wipe out the entire world. After forty days, the earth is dry and Noah praises the Lord. God is pleased with Noah and says, "Never again will I curse the ground because of man, even though every inclination of his heart is evil from childhood. And never again will I destroy all living creatures, as I have done. As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease." - Genesis 8: 21 - 22. 

A younger version of myself used to think that if I had lived back then, I would have been Noah or in his family and been saved from the flood. What a foolish and prideful thought that was! Now that I am older, I KNOW I would not come close to walking with the Lord in a way that is pleasing enough to be saved from devastation. I struggle every single minute to keep from pride, selfishness, anger, and hostility. I am not Noah. 

Still, God made a covenant that while this earth stands, He will keep me. In Genesis 9: 12-17, He says "...Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life. Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creature of every kind on the earth." 

I believe the basis of this covenant goes back to the very beginning of time. Why were we created? God created us in his image with a goal that we would reflect glory onto him through living a faithful and righteous life. Then, sin and evil came in. God chose to wipe out every human and animal on this planet except for Noah and those on the ark. As descendants of Noah, there is still a purpose in us being here. We, as image bearers, are to reflect the glory of the Lord! 

Honestly, this is not the first thing I think of if ever during the day! I am a sinner and usually find myself as greater than anything else. Yet, there is hope. Later in Scripture there is a great King, a Messiah, the Son of God, who came as the sacrifice for my sin. His sacrifice on my behalf creates a pathway for me to have access and intimacy to the presence of God. I am not worthy, but Christ became my sacrifice so I would be found pleasing, clean, and acceptable to God. 

God promised us that we will be ok. No matter what happens to us personally and as a nation, the Lord is reigning on his throne.

To the Lord's people who felt led to vote Democrat, God has us. To the Lord's people who felt led to vote Republican, God has you. Why not act accordingly?

We are covered in grace and found held fast in this covenant of protection. We can now dance in light, in freedom, in love, in restoration, in righteousness, and in peace. God has us.


--- With all my gratitude I thank Adrienne for creating this shoot with me and bringing to life the ideas and concepts I had stored in my head. You were my muse for this project.