It is with such pride that I present to you my youngest brother, Luke. Luke is the youngest of the four of us: Me (29), Britt (27), Andrew (20), and Luke (18). I remember the day Luke was born. I was sitting in the second desk of the first row of my 6th grade homeroom when my teacher came over to tell me I was being picked up to go to the hospital. Brittany and I watched 'Tiny Toons' on the waiting room tv and then he was here! And, what a chunker he was. When Britt and I were young we liked to dream about the future and say things like "When Luke graduates from high school, I'll be 30 years old!" or "Do you think we'll be married by the time Luke is a senior?" Back then it seemed like such an eternity away to think of myself as a thirty year old or to imagine my baby brother as a senior in high school. I mean, when I went off to college, Luke was just 8 years old! But you know, time seems to have stood still as well. The years have made each of us uniquely different, but we are still from the same mold. I think Andrew put it the best, "Everybody brings something a little bit different to the table and together we make one big happy family."

Luke is one of my favorite people on this planet. He is my creative sidekick with an energetic mind. He dreams up and builds upon concepts none of us could ever initiate in our own thoughts. He is the perfect blend of risky, adventurous, and cautious. I really cannot wait to see what he will bring to this world. Happy senior year, little brother!

- Kristen