Hi everyone! In the last couple of days I've been thinking how much fun it would be to start sharing a little more about us on the blog. There are so many of you that we have not yet had the opportunity to meet or spend much time with, so we thought a way we could help you get to know us is to give you little glimpses into our lives. 

So, let's start with our newest most exciting news...we are moving into our first live/work loft space! Yay! As most of you know, Matt and I moved to the Northsore of Massachusetts in 2008 for Matt to begin his Master's work. In May of 2011, Matt graduated and we felt our time was not yet done here in MA. I am now working as a full-time photographer, spending most of my days shooting or at home building our business. Matt works for a non-profit organization known as Leadership Transformations, Inc. and will begin working from home half of the work week. We also have a lovely one yearold, silver lab known as Stella. We have lived  in two different


homes during these last four years in the quaint town of Hamilton, MA. Although we have shared many sweet memories here, we feel we are busting at the seams! Needless to say, our 532 square feet of living is no longer cutting it!

We needed a space that was affordable, bigger, pet-friendly, close to Boston, and able to inspire creativity. We did a lot of searching and realized that a loft/studio space was probably the closest thing we could get to cover all of those bases. With that in mind, Western Avenue Lofts seemed to be the answer! WAL began solely as Western Avenue Studios; a place for artists to rent space to work. The building was then able to buy the rest of the building to convert into artist live/work spaces! The lofts were completed with artists in mind. There are zero walls, concrete floors, and the walls are primed for painting. There is an infinite amount of freedom to make this place into the home and work space we want it to be! PLUS, we are more than doubling our square footage! Ah!

Enjoy our "before" photos (of Matt and Stella in our new home) and watch for more posts to come after August 1st...